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‘Wonder’ presents paintings, photographs and collages at Creative Spirit in Marblehead

‘Wonder’ presents paintings, photographs and collages at Creative Spirit in Marblehead

Creative Spirit’s inaugural art opening on Friday night featured artists from different communities around the North Shore and Boston, all of whom were acquainted with the new space’s founder, Peyton Pugmire.

“I’m so happy to have the place filled with people who are interested in the community sense of the space,” Pugmire said as viewers milled around with drinks in hand. “I’m meeting a lot of people who are excited about the mission of the studio.”

Pugmire aims to draw art appreciators from near and far to his small studio space to view art and take classes. With Creative Spirit, he also hopes to introduce new meditative art practices and help participants achieve self-actualization through creativity.

“Through creativity, we’re able to create the life we want to live,” said Pugmire in an interview in May. “Living our lives takes imagination.”

The exhibit, entitled, “Wonder,” featured an eclectic mix of mediums and styles, ranging from painting to collage to photography.

Jennifer Z. Roszell, of Marblehead, showed a collage called “A Letter in the Mail,” which features an open envelope on the bottom and a variety of colorful contents spilling upward, complete with old letters, butterflies, birds, clouds and cut-outs of landscapes.

“It’s so rare to get a letter in the mail nowadays,” Roszell said. “It’s such a fascinating thing to see what’s inside them.”

The piece features a remnant of a letter from her grandmother to her grandfather during World War II.

“I collect a lot of items from the past,” said Roszell.

The envelope is addressed to her husband from her sister-in-law (also named Jennifer Roszell), and was sent to their home in Pleasanton, Calif. They lived in California for 16 years and moved back East a year and a half ago, according to Roszell. She grew up in New Hampshire.

“Just trying to get back to family,” she said of the move.

Michelle Brown, of Marblehead, showed her swirling ocean-like abstract paintings, including one called “Escape,” which had hues of blue, yellow, green and white.

“I find it really relaxing,” she said of the metallic acrylic painting.

Brown achieved the illusion of watery ripples and bubbles by pouring out one color and then pouring another color into the circle, and then tipping it to make the paint flow. She also mixed a few drops of silicon into the paint, so that certain areas would form cells or pockets. When she took a propane torch to those areas, they burned away to reveal the color underneath.

“I’m hoping to do a workshop this summer here,” Brown said.

She started the technique about six months ago, and started by experimenting on smaller canvases. Previously, she used different methods to apply the paint, like blowing through a straw or using a balloon to imprint a design.

“I would pour the paint and slowly tap it with a balloon and make flowers out of it,” Brown said.

Photographer Rob Festa was inspired by his love of tall ships in his photograph, “Voyage 2,” which was taken in Martha’s Vineyard.

“My wife and I live in Chelsea,” said Festa. “We like to take sailing excursions.”

The image, which looks up at the boat’s rigging, was printed on wood and its hues were modified with filters in Adobe Lightroom. Festa said he took it a few years ago.

Another photographer, Marblehead resident Amy Gray, exhibited four photographs to help raise money for the Rombach family’s home renovations to accommodate 25-year-old Chloe Rombach, who has been healing from a nearly fatal car accident in 2014.

Learn more about Creative Spirit at www.creativespiritma.com. See a list of summer programs below.

Creative Spirit Summer Programs

Paint Your Heart Out

Saturday, July 14, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This intuitive painting workshop for adults invites participants to listen to their bodies, feelings and inner wisdom, allowing for the creative intuition to flourish.

Soul Power

Saturday, July 21, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sunday, July 22, 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

This two-day workshop for adults will help participants access their unique soul powers through creative activities such as collage, free drawing, meditation and journaling. There will also be easy drama activities to bring clarity to a personal challenges access the unconscious. No previous artistic experience or training required.


Monday through Friday, Aug.13-17, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A creative exploration for students entering grades six through eight. Participants will take an iPhone break and have iFun exploring their own unique inner “apps.” A blend of both art and drama, this creative experience invites participants to consider what’s personally meaningful to them.

Create the Next Chapter

Saturday, Aug. 25, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

This workshop for adults will feature guest instructor Susyn Reeve, master life coach, interfaith minister and acclaimed author. She will guide participants through the creative and transformational process of rewriting their life stories in ways that align with their hearts’ desires.

These workshops will be taught by Creative Spirit Founder Peyton Pugmire. Registration is now open, and space is limited. For more information and to register, visit www.creativespiritma.com or call 781-797-0389.


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