Artist Bio

Michelle Brown was born in Boston and raised on the south shore. She spent several years living in Toronto and the San Francisco Bay Area before returning home in 2009 and settling in Marblehead, MA. She is an artist member of the Marblehead Arts Association and the Galleries at LynnArts. Michelle also enjoys MRA yacht racing on Saturdays and is the Communications Director of the Marblehead IOD fleet, as well as a member of the Board of Directors for the Marblehead Shipyard neighborhood association. Private commissions are welcome.

Artist's Statement

I create my work intuitively and organically, starting with a palette of colors and a chosen method of delivering the paint to the canvas. I usually have an idea in mind when I start, and sometimes the work naturally evolves into something unexpected.

Van Gogh, Turner, Klimt and Pollock are some of the artists who inspire me. I gravitate to vibrant colors and create works that evoke nature and the sea. I use acrylic paints, mixed with various mediums, and utilize brushes, pouring, palette knives and pipettes to apply paint to canvas. I enjoy experimenting with new tools to create different effects. My paintings depict the sensations of a moment in time, and often resemble emotive terrains. I try to capture movement and life in a vocabulary of feelings without words. It is fascinating to see the layers of paint overlap and the colors collide at my direction. I work very much in the moment, and aim to evoke a sense of strong emotion in the viewer. My intent is that the audience will relate to the paintings in unique ways that are relevant to them.

I strive to make art accessible to everyone, so I have started creating unique items from my original artwork. Clothing, accessories and home décor are available at competitive prices so everyone can “wear their art on their sleeve.”