Who is behind Shipyard Art?

About Michelle

Michelle Brown is a self-taught, award-winning artist based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, a coastal town about 15 miles north of Boston. 

Her expressive paintings are characterized by their bold brushstrokes, fluid forms, and bright colors. She paints intuitively, letting the paint guide her and allowing each piece to unfold organically. This process results in vibrant, one-of-a-kind pieces that are full of energy and life, capturing inspiring intentions and the full spectrum of emotions.

She is known locally for winning the 56th Marblehead Festival of Arts Logo contest in 2022. She also designs clothing from her paintings and won the prestigious Best of Northshore award from Northshore Magazine for her yoga apparel. She can often be found hosting paint & sip workshops in her studio located in the historic downtown of Marblehead and is currently studying Art Therapy techniques. 

“Growing up, I never felt like I fit in or understood who I really was. I put a lot of effort into being the girl everyone wanted me to be, but this just led to me not knowing my true self. I often felt lost, small, and insignificant. Art not only allows me to express my emotions in a positive way, but it is slowly helping me find myself again and allowing me to become the woman I want to be.”

Kim Crowley
Michelle has a wonderful talent for capturing the color and vibe of living on the coast with a fresh perspective.

Jasmine Berecz
I purchased several unique pieces of art from Michelle. She is an amazing artist and I enjoy looking at her beautiful work at my home every day.


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